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C#, C++


Visual Studio, Unity, Source Control (Git, SVN, Mercurial), VR Development (Oculus quest, and HTC Vive)

Champlain College, Burlington, VT

Work Experience:

WIMO Games:

  • At WIMO Games, I worked as an Associate Software Engineer working within the Unity Game Engine on the game RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone. I worked primarily in the UI, including most of the UI for both the Hunting Parties system, and the Christmas Event.

Trivium Interactive:

  • At Trivium Interactive, I worked as an Interactive Developer in teams within Trivium, using the Unity Game Engine to make Interactives for museums.

Relevant Coursework and Projects, Champlain College

Game Engines & Graphics

  • Created a level editor for a Mario clone using C# with 4 different tile types, each having connecting textures ultimately requiring 48 different variations of themselves.


Data Structures & algorithms

  • Analysed trends in casualties and survivor statistics from the Titanic using a pattern finding algorithm I helped create called “Apriori Algorithm” using C++ with a team of 4. other students.


Computer Architecture

  • Wrote a flocking algorithm in x86 64 masm using SFML to handle the graphics. The algorithm included; seek, flee, cohesion, separation, align, ”avoid borders”

Game Projects:

Lymantria Dispar (Engine: Unity)

  • Lymantria Dispar is a first person, atmospheric, surviaval horror game set in the woods. You are alone with only an ax, a torch, and a bow. You have to fight off giant moths and larva attacking you and your fires. The game was made in Unity so the scripting language was C#

  • Role: Sole Programmer


Astral Boxing (Engine: Unreal)

  • Astral boxing is a third person exploration game, where the player has to explore a house, looking for clues as to where a ghost is. Once they find the ghost, they can initiate a boxing match where they have to perform different offensive and defensive moves to defeat the ghost. This was my first time using Unreal, and was made entirely using blueprints.

  • Role: Sole Programmer


Reconnected (Engine: Unity)

  • Reconnected was an atmospheric puzzle game where you wake up as a spherical robot, where you can explore and pick up parts for your chassis to perform different mechanics. I joined late in the project, I added a system for dynamic walking sounds based on material being walked on along with a wire minigame to unlock doors.

  • Role: 1 of 3 programmers on a team of 10 students.


A Blip In Time (Engine: Unity)

  • A Blip in Time was a time manipulation game using the Chronos plugin for Unity. I wrote code to manipulate the timeline of objects using Chronos’ ability to record the physics of objects and slow the timescale. I also wrote custom scripts to allow for the designers to more easily build levels and connect triggers to dynamic objects.

  • Role: Sole programmer on team of 4 students

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